How Eco Eyes Gives Back

At Eco Eyes we believe that giving back is not just a good idea but a requirement for the health of our planet. We need to take steps to reduce our negative impact. If everyone does a little it can add up to a lot. Here’s how we do that at Eco Eyes:

For every pair of glasses sold we plant five trees

We carry Eco Friendly Eyewear made from materials like sustainable woods, recycled skate boards/snowboards, recycled ocean plastics, and bio-degradable materials

We use recycled water edging technology that uses over 10 times less water than a typical edger

We choose to work with companies that operate responsibly and have their own social and environmental initiatives

We only use recycled shipping materials.  We never use virgin cardboard or packing to help reduce the amount of waste that goes into each order.

Eco Eyes uses very little paper.  Almost everything we do here is digital which helps prevent unwanted paper consumption.

It's More Than Trees

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