Eco Eyes is a company that believes in sustainable growth for both business and the environment

Eric Cartier - Founder/CEO

Eric grew up watching his parents and grandparents run a successful eyeglass business which led to his interest in entrepreneurship.  After working in the corporate world for several years, he saw that there was a lack of moral focus in how many companies were run.  He decided that if he really wanted to make a positive difference in the world, he would have to take the bull by the horns and make it happen.  This led to him founding a company that could support itself and leave this world better than when he found it.  After a meeting with the four founders, a seed was planted and Eco Eyes was born.  Outside of running Eco Eyes Eric enjoys drumming, hiking with his wife and dog Holley, restoring vintage cars and fishing on the Connecticut River with friends. 

Ernie Cartier - Founder /Senior Optician

As a seasoned business owner, Ernie is proud to be embarking on a new adventure with his son and family.  In his youth, he apprenticed under his father, Ernie Sr., and took over the business when his father retired.  He has been working as an optician for over 40 years.  Bringing his experience to this fresh business is an opportunity he is looking forward to.  The fact that he gets to do this with his son and daughter in-law makes it all the more enjoyable.  He is always looking for innovations in lenses, frames technology and techniques to provide a quality product and experience for all his customers.  He’s a funny guy and always has a story to tell, finishing each tale with a hearty laugh.  He enjoys long distance running, fishing and the great outdoors.  He is looking forward to bringing his enthusiastic spirit into this new realm of optical services. 

Pam Cartier - Founder / Business Manager

Starting Eco Eyes has given Pam a chance to do the thing she loves most – spend more time with her family. Eric, Wendy, and Ernie all working together has been a great way to spend quality time as a group.   All the things she loves to do would not be possible without trees.  That is why it is so important to her to see Eco Eyes be successful in its Plant 5 Trees program.  Her favorite things center around nature including swimming and hiking in the forest with her grandsons Parker and Walker as well as her 2 black labs Bertie and Belle. The dogs love to jump in the lake and chase all the ducks.  Back at home, she loves to sit on her peaceful porch watching all the birds feed their babies from the many bird houses in the yard.   The hummingbirds are a particular favorite and she enjoys watching them flit from feeder to feeder.  

Wendy Cartier - Founder/ Social Media Manager

Wendy loves art and design and applies her artistic skills to the role of social media manager.  We live in such a visual world that she wants to make sure everyone can see our products and our tree planting program merged as one in nature. Her excitement for the Eco Eyes mission and drive to improve the world around her helps to push Eco Eyes to better, greener business practices.  When she isn’t drawing or painting, she is looking for the best angles to photograph the natural world, doing yoga, cooking or traveling. She firmly believes that by seeing more of the world, we can understand each other a little better. 

Eco Eyes is a new company that is steeped in tradition.  It has three generations of eyeglass professionals, with experience that extends back more than 50 years.  Now, two of the generations, Eric and Wendy along with Eric’s parents, Pam and Ernie, are partnering together to provide an online, eco-friendly eyewear company that draws on all the experience of the prior generations while giving it a fresh focus.

Wanting to embrace new technology, we have decided to dive into the eyewear field in a new way. By having an exclusively online, eco-friendly prescription eyewear presence, we are able to select the brands we carry to include products from other entrepreneurs that share our same values.  These include using sustainable and recycled materials, as well as choosing companies that also choose to give back.  Eco Eyes is focused on the impact to the environment for this and all generations to come so we can truly make a difference. 

We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit, but know that building a successful company does not mean we have to sacrifice our values or the environment along the way.  Eco Eyes wants everyone to breathe a little easier with our Plant 5 Trees program.  We have partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant five trees for every frame you purchase from Eco Eyes.   To learn more about our environmental impact, check out our Giving Back page.