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The Eco Bristol is recycled metal frame.  It is a medium/large frame with a single bridge and soft cat eye look.  This adjustable nose pad frame have a specially designed bridge for those with higher check bones and difficult to fit noses.  This will work well on square faces and comes in fun/funky colors.  It is made from eco friendly metal.  "Eco Friendly" or "Green" metal is metal that comes from a recycled source and has been melted and reformed into something new.  Using recycled metal reduces the need for adding mine and environmental disruption.  Eco Friendly metal offers the same advantage as regular metal with added advantage of being friendly to the earth.  

By  choosing an Eco Frame by Modo not only with Eco Eyes plant 5 trees but Modo will plant a tree as well.

Eco Bristol Frame
Protective Eyeglass Case
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Packaging to donate your unwanted or old eyewear to people in need

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